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Wall Art » Metal Prints » Milky Way Galaxy Center Metal Print 3 Panel Split NASA Wall Art. Spitzer Space Telescope
Size (W×H) Inches


3 Panel Split Metal Print Wall Art of Milky Way Galactic Center in Infrared Light by the Spitzer Space Telescope. Enjoy science and space with this Metal Print for home or office wall decor. Printed on Luxurious, HD aluminum glossy metal panels. The center of our Milky Way galaxy is hidden from the prying eyes of optical telescopes by clouds of obscuring dust and gas. But in this stunning vista, the Spitzer Space Telescope's infrared cameras penetrate much of the dust, revealing the stars of the crowded galactic center region. Credits: NASA, Caltech, Susan Stolovy (SSC, Caltech) * Image may have been altered to fit our standard product offerings.
  • Ready to hang, wall mount hanger on the back!
  • Shadow mount lets panels float ~0.75" from the wall
  • 0.045" thick HD Aluminum Panels
  • Scratch resistant, Glossy finish *
  • Superb color clarity & quality provide luxurious feel
  • Epson printing process, best in industry
  • Recommended indoor use for best color lifespan *
  • Easy to clean. Gently wipe with microfiber cloth.
  • Single Panel or Multi Panel Split (see size details)
  • Made In USA
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