Products & Services Overview

  • Canvas Prints (single panel)
    Sick of staring at your blank walls? Fill them with awesome canvas prints.
    • Submit almost any size image
    • Upload from your computer or import from Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram and many more sources
    • Museum quality canvas printing
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    Single Panel Canvas
  • Metal Prints (single panel)
    Give your room a luxurious feel with our HD Metal Prints.
    • Glossy White coating offers vivid, superbly detailed colors
    • Upload from your computer or import from Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr and many more sources
    • Wall mounting or TabeTop easel options available
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    Single Panel Metal
  • Wall Cluster Prints
    Save BIG by ordering clusters vs each piece individually.
    • Dozens of layouts and sizes to choose from
    • Awesome layout combinations
    • Great way to fill any size wall.
    • Rich, Elegant look for your office or living room
    Start creating Canvas Clusters or Metal Clusters
    Canvas Cluster
  • Photo Collage Prints
    Dozens of layouts and sizes available for almost any budget.
    • Put multiple images on a single canvas or metal panel
    • Easily select your desired border option
    • Low cost, elegant solution to fill your walls
    Create your own Canvas Collage or Metal Collage print
    Photo Collage
  • Split Prints
    Create visual synergies by splitting a single image across multiple canvas or metal prints.
    • Diptych - Make canvas prints greater than the sum of their parts.
    • Triptych - Great for panoramic and landscape images.
    • Quad - Best suited for botanical themed images, as well as photography compositions for parallel story-telling.
    • Polyptych - Split a panoramic image across five panels or get that Tic Tac Toe look by splitting an image across nine canvases.
    Start creating your Canvas Split or Metal Split
    Canvas Splits
  • Instagram Prints
    Easily connect with your Instagram account and import your images to create canvas or metal prints.
    • Unique style, windowed look prints
    • Black, White or custom color window options available
    Create your Instagram Canvas or Instagram Metal prints
    Instagram Prints

Create Your Canvas Now or Create Your Metal Now

  • Canvas Floating Frames
    Over a dozen options available for any size print. Make your canvas look like it's floating within the frame.
    • Thin - Offers a slick look that can be used on any size canvas
    • Medium - Elegant looking frames that add value to your prints
    • Thick - A bold modern look best suited for extra large canvases
    Floating Frames
  • Wrap Options
    Choose the Gallery Wrap option or one of the Museum Wrap options with a solid color for the sides.
    • Gallery Wrap - Makes your image wrap around the frames.
      Includes FREE mirroring of the edges if your image doesn't have enough room to spare for the sides
    • Black, White or custom color border options available
    Wrap Options
  • Filters & Effects
    Surprise your loved ones by redefining the word "original photo" with a combination of one of our effects and your existing photo.
    • Classic filters such as B&W or Sepia tone are FREE
    • We have many other effect that can transform a simple photograph into an amazing canvas wall art
    Filters & Effects
  • Photo Retouching Services
    We're here to help if your photos need an extra touch to make 'em look great.
    • Free Image Adjustment (brightness, contrast, red-eye, date-stamp and minor dust & scratch removal)
    • Tiered service levels to fit your budget.
    • Remove scars, moles, minor blemishes and small objects.
    • Add custom text on your image and restore old cracked and faded photographs.
    Photo Retouching

Create Your Canvas Now or Create Your Metal Now

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Made With Love
    We love printing Photos On Canvas & Photos On Metal and we're confident you'll love them too. Your prints are carefully handled and packaged before they're shipped.
  • Easy Order Forms
    Step by Step order form for an easy ordering process. Your order summary and options are just a glance away. Super easy to create wall clusters and photo collage prints.
  • File Upload and Import Featues
    Upload from your computer or import images from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive via our user friendly file importer.
  • Any Size or Resolution Image
    We can work with any size and any resolution image. Thanks to our filters & effects we can hide any pixelation artifacts if your image is low quality.

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