Wrap Options

We offer several "Museum Wrap" options for your canvas prints. "Museum Wrap" generally refers to the method of stretching a canvas so that the image remains on the front. With our Gallery Wrap option your image wraps around the edges, but we create additional edges by mirroring the sides. When mirroring, the sides of the canvas look as if the image seamlessly continues to the sides, but you don't loose any of the image from frontal view. If you are a pro and already have the image prepped for stretching, simply write an "item note" before adding to your shopping cart to let us know not to apply the mirror edges by default.
  • Gallery Wrap

    Gallery Wrap Gallery Wrap allows your image to wrap continuously around the support frame. We'll mirror the edges of the photo to ensure the that you don't loose any image to the sides.
  • White Border

    White Border The White Border wrap option allows you to keep the image at the front of the canvas and leave the edges with the solid white color of the canvas.
  • Black Border

    Black Borer The Black Border wrap option allows you to keep the image at the front of the canvas and leave the edges with the solid black color of the canvas. Best suited for X-Large prints.
  • Custom Color

    Custom Color If neither one of the previous wrap options meet your needs, you can request to have a custom color wrap around the edges of your canvas. Simply specify in the "Instructions & Comments" section of the order form your desired color. You can say "make the wrap color match the eye color" or request to have it set to an RGB or HEX color value.

    This is a good method for displaying your photographs if you don't want the gallery wrap look, or if there's not much room to wrap the image around the edge of the stretcher without loosing important parts of the photograph.

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  • Made With Love
    We love printing Photos On Canvas & Photos On Metal and we're confident you'll love them too. Your prints are carefully handled and packaged before they're shipped.
  • Easy Order Forms
    Step by Step order form for an easy ordering process. Your order summary and options are just a glance away. Super easy to create wall clusters and photo collage prints.
  • File Upload and Import Featues
    Upload from your computer or import images from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive via our user friendly file importer.
  • Any Size or Resolution Image
    We can work with any size and any resolution image. Thanks to our filters & effects we can hide any pixelation artifacts if your image is low quality.

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