• Diptych

    Diptych is an option that splits one image across two canvas prints. This type of split is best suited for images that show thematic, compositional, and other visual synergies. It's a powerful story-telling option that will make your diptychs more powerful than the sum of their parts.

  • Triptych

    Triptych is an option that splits a single image across three canvas prints. This is a classic canvas split option with it's rightful place among the others. A triptych canvas split is best suited for landscape and scenic photography images, but can also be used as a story-telling option for successive photo shots.

  • Quad

    The quad option is a great choice for closeup, macro photography images. This type of split is generally well suited for flower and other botanical themed images, as well as photography compositions for parallel story-telling.

  • Polyptych

    From the Greek polýs, meaning many, the polyptych options that we offer have their unique look and feel. A single panoramic image can be split between 5 smaller pieces giving that continuous look to a large wall desperate for some extra love.


Canvas Split Prints are awesome!!!

Make no mistake about it. Canvas prints are beautiful, but canvas splits have a totally different dimension to them.
It's not just about splitting any image into several parts, be it a Diptych, Triptych, a Quad or a Poly. It's important to choose the right image for a split. Photography shots and panoramic images, in general, are perfect candidates for a canvas split.

How do we do it?

Our graphic designers carefully split the file in advance so that each printed piece complements the rest in the split set.

  • Keshaani Uthaya 3/28/2018  

  • Caprece 2/9/2016  

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    We can work with any size and any resolution image. Thanks to our filters & effects we can hide any pixelation artifacts if your image is low quality.

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