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Wall Art » Canvas Prints » Jupiter Moon Io Canvas Print 3 Panel Split Volcano Eruption Wall Art. NASA's Galileo image
Size (W×H) Inches


3 Panel Split Canvas Print Wall Art of Volcano Eruption on Io (Moon of Planet Jupiter) in our Solar System. If you enjoy science and space, then this Giclee print is great for home or office wall decor. NASA’s Galileo spacecraft captured this image of a volcanic eruption on Io in 1997. Io is the most volcanically active world in the solar system, thanks to constant flexing brought on by the gravitational push and pull from Jupiter as well as fellow moons Ganymede and Europa. The extreme tidal forces generate a tremendous amount of heat within Io, keeping much of its subsurface crust in liquid form seeking any available escape route to the surface to relieve the pressure. Hundreds of huge volcanoes cover a surface only slightly larger than the Moon, with erupting lava fountains reaching dozens of miles high. Credits: IMAGE: NASA, NASA-JPL, DLR * Image may have been altered to fit our standard product offerings.
  • Ready to hang, saw-tooth hanger on the back!
  • Poly/cotton canvas with satin finish
  • Gallery Wrap - mirrored edges prevent image loss to the sides
  • Giclee artwork, printed at high resolution on museum quality canvas
  • Up to 300 yr fade resistance under archival conditions *
  • 12 color genuine Epson Ultrachrome PRO pigment Inks
  • 2:1 weave, 350gsm, 18mil canvas
  • Acid and OBA (optical brightening agent) free canvas
  • Stretched on 1.5", kiln-dried wood stretcher bars.
  • Back Stapled Canvas
  • Single Panel or Multi Panel Split (see size details)
  • Made In USA
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