Help / FAQ

  • How do I place an order?
    Click the “Create” button in the menu. The single panel canvas print order form will open. If you want something different, then simply select the appropriate product. Then follow the easy step-by-step sections in the order form.
    When you've selected all the desired options, feel free to enter additional design instructions and  click the [Add to Cart] button to add the item to your shopping cart.
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  • How long will it take to receive my prints?
    If you've requested a free digital proof for an item in your order, we'll put your order on hold until you approve the digital proofs. Once approved we'll start processing your order. Processing your order may take up to 5 business days. Depending on the shipping method you choose during checkout, it may take up to 7 additional days to ship your orders within the continental United States or up to 15 days to ship internationally.
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  • How long will it take to receive my free digital proof?
    Depending on the amount of work needed to prepare the digital proof, it may take 24 to 48 hours from the time you submit your order until we send you the proofs. Please note that during that period we'll put your order on hold. If there are other items in your order that do not require digital proof, we'll start processing them within a few hours.
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  • How do I update the shipping or contact information of my order?
    Please contact us with the corrected information and your order # as soon as possible.
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  • I want to change the image that I originally submitted with my order. What do I do?
    Please contact us as soon as possible. If we haven't already printed your order, we'll provide you with further instructions.
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  • Where do I enter my promotional or Gift Codes?
    You can enter promotional coupon codes or gift codes in your shopping cart, before you start the checkout process. Look for the [Enter code] text box on the lower-left corner of your shopping cart, enter the code and then click the [Apply Code] button.
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  • I'm concerned about placing an order online. Is it secure?
    The checkout page where you enter sensitive information such as Credit Card #, are protected by a 256 bit strong SSL encryption compared to 128 bit encryption offered on many other online stores. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It encrypts the communication between your computer and our server. In addition, your credit card number is stored in an encrypted format. We comply with industry standards and do not store the pin / CVV2 code of your credit card. As an extra layer of protection, our servers are firewall-ed and secured by top notch anti-virus software.

    And if all of that is still not good enough for you, we offer the [PayPal] checkout option. When you check out with PayPal, PayPal will not share your credit card number with us so you can have your piece of mind.
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  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. PayPal checkout also offers the eCheck payment method. Please note that eCheck payments may delay your order because they'll say in the "Pending Payment" status until the eCheck clears.
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  • Do you offer custom color options for the sides?
    Of course. And it's FREE.
    While we list only Gallery Wrap, Black  or White border wrap options for canvas prints, you may use the "Instructions & Comments" section in the product order form to write item specific instructions for your custom wrap color.
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  • Do you offer custom frame width for canvas prints?
    Yes we do!
    Although it's not listed on our website, we can also frame your canvas on 2" thick frames. 
    The 2.5" frames that we use will need to go through certain processes to make them into 2" frames. Therefore the price will be the same.
    Simply place your order as usual, select the 2.5" frame option if it's available, then use the "Instructions & Comments" section in the product order form to specify if you need 2" thick frames instead.
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  • Can you add custom text to my prints?
    Of course we can.
    Simply place your order as usual
    • Select "Level 1" for "Photo Retouching" (under Digital Services section)
    • Prepare and spell check the text that you want us to put on your print.
    • Write the text, instructions and font options in the "Instructions & Comments" section.
    Be sure to select the "Digital Proof" option if this is your first time making such an order and you're not really sure what it'll look like.
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  • What if I don't have the images on my computer or device?
    Do not despair.
    We've put a lot of effort to make this as easy for you as possible. If you cannot upload from your computer or device, you can import it from any one of the major sources below.
    • Facebook Facebook
    • Instagram Instagram
    • Picasa Picasa
    • Flickr Flickr
    • Dropbox Dropbox
    • Google Drive Google Drive
    • OneDrive OneDrive
    As of summer 2014 no other printing company will give you all those options in the same neat and easy to use import interface as we do!!!
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  • Can I mail you a photo to scan for prints?
    Unfortunately No. We currently do not accept photos, originals or negatives to be scanned for printing.
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  • Why would I order Canvas Cluster prints instead of each piece separately?
    We offer special discounts for Cluster prints in addition to any promotional offers that we may have. If you were to order each piece separately, you'd end up paying much more than you would with cluster prints.
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  • What are Canvas Clusters? How do I make them?
    Cluster prints are special arrangements with their own unique styles. It's way more elegant to hang pieces that complement one another, be it in your office or living room, than to hang a single print.

    Most canvas printing companies will only give you a handful layout options and only one size option for each layout.

    We've made available dozens of layouts as well as different size options for each layout. And all of that is combined in an easy to use web interface for a smooth ordering process.

    To get started with your Cluster Prints, click here.

    Note: External frames such as Floating frames are not available with cluster prints, because the sizes we've selected for each layout have been carefully prepared to make your cluster print. Adding external frames would make each piece disproportional to the whole layout.
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  • What are Canvas Splits? How do I make them?
    When we split a single image to be printed on several pieces of canvas, that's a canvas split. Scenic or Panoramic images are best suited for this type of printing. You should avoid ordering canvas splits of portraits. Because when hanged 1" away from each other they can make the head of the subject look disproportional to the surroundings (assuming the split occurs on the face).

    Because of the complexity of this option, our designers will masterfully split your image based on their experience and best judgment. But do not worry. We can contact you and send you proofs for approval before we print. If this is the first time you're choosing this option, and you don't know how we work, simply select the "Free Digital Proof" option in your order form.

    To get started with your Canvas Splits, click here. The step by step ordering process is easy and intuitive.
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  • What are Photo Collage prints? How do I make them?
    Photo Collage prints are done by placing multiple images in special arrangements to be printed on a single piece of canvas. Photo Collage prints are not just cluster prints imitations. They have their unique look and feel thanks to their layout and bordering options. They're ideal when you don't have a lot of wall space for decor, and best of all, they're an affordable way to put multiple memories on a single print.

    To get started with your Photo Collage print, click here. The step by step ordering process is easy and intuitive.
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  • How are Instagram prints any different than regular canvas prints?
    Instagram CanvasInstagram canvas prints offer a unique look compared to regular canvas prints. When ordered in Black or White window options, the image is printed in the center with rounded corners and surrounded by your choice of black or white borders. Using the "Instructions & Comments" section you can request to have custom color borders for your prints instead of just black or white. We also offer Gallery Wrap option for Instagram prints if you prefer.
    Because Instagram images have a small size, we can only print them at a maximum of 20"x20" size.
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  • Do all framed canvas prints have frames on the outside? I'm confused!
    Not all framed canvas prints have frames from outside. Frames can be internal or external. Internal frames are the support on which we wrap the canvas. External frames can be Floating frames that surround your framed canvas prints. If you're not a fan of hanging your canvas prints as they are, we have over a dozen framing options to match your desired size print.
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  • Can you convert a color image into black and white or sepia?
    Sure we can. We also have a variety of other effects you can choose from. Click the [Get Started] link in the top menu to start your canvas print. Once you upload or select your image, the effect options will show.
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  • What is Image Adjustment? What exactly do you adjust?
    With our image Adjustment service, our professional designers will digitally enhance your image and prepare it for an eye catching print. We can do brightness, contrast and minor dust and scratch removal. In addition, you can use the "Instructions & Comments" section to request additional minor retouching such as Date stamp or Red eye removal for no extra charge.
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  • What goes on the sides of my canvas?
    If you choose a color border option such as black or white, then your image will be printed on the front and the sides of the canvas will have your choice of color. Unlike some canvas printers, we do not staple them from the sides. All our framed canvas prints are stapled from the back.
    You can also choose the Gallery Wrap option. If your image does not have sufficient space on the sides, we will do a mirror effect on the edges before printing at no additional cost. This way you will not loose any of the important stuff to the sides of the canvas. 
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  • Can I have an image spread across different size prints?
    You sure can. Please feel free to contact us with your custom requirements, and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs.
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  • What kind of protection do you add to the canvas?
    We offer water based Eco Shield print coating for your canvas prints. This coating adds extra layer of protection against harmful UV rayas to extend the lifespan of your canvas prints.

    Note: Even with UV limiting coating, no canvas should be hanged outside or be exposed to direct sunlight. Failure to protect your prints from harmful conditions can greatly reduce their lifespan and dim the colors over time.
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  • What are the print size limitations?
    The rolls of canvas that we use are 44" wide. We can print your canvas at full bleed. But, depending on the stretching option that you choose (0.75", 1.5" or 2.5"), the maximum framed canvas size is between 37" and 40" wide. We also limit the length to 72" long because the we want to ensure maximum quality by cleaning the printer nozzles after prolonged printing jobs.

    Minimum print size is 8"x8". If you need to order smaller prints, the price will be the same as the one for 8"x8". Simply choose the smallest size and use the "Instructions & Comments" sections to specify your requirements.
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  • Do you only print on canvas?
    We also offer HD Aluminum metal Prints. These is an awesome new addition to our product line. Click on the [Products], [Shop] or [Create] menu items to get started.
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  • My prints seem to have been damaged during shipping. What do I do?
    With your phone or camera take a shot of the damaged box, the damaged canvas and email the images to us using [help at]. Please do not forget to mention your name and order # in the email. We'll be happy to send you a replacement of the damaged print.
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  • When will my order ship?
    Assuming you did not request a digtial proof (which might delay the order by 24 to 48 hours), it can take us up to 5 business days to process your prints. Once your prints are ready, they'll be packaged and shipped within 24 hours.
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  • What shipping options do you offer?
    The shipping options are determined based on the contents of your shopping cart and shipping destination. Our website can "talk" to the shipping carrier (e.g. FedEx or UPS) and show you the available options (e.g. Ground , Next Day, etc) within seconds.

    After you supply your shipping address in the checkout page, simply click [Next] and look for the "Shipping Method" in the upper-right corner. If there is more than one option available, you can simply click and choose your desired shipping method from the menu.

    For items that are too small for a package, the website might make standard shipping available for less than $6 USD.
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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes we do. Since we use gobally recognized UPS as our main carrier, we can ship to almost any country.
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  • I need my prints by a certain date, what do I do?
    If you need your prints by a certain date, please write it in the order notes section in the checkout page. Additionally, you may choose a different shipping method in the checkout page. An estimated delivery date will be shown for each shipping method that you choose.
    If rush shipping is not enough, please feel free to contact us ASAP with your order number after placing your order. We'll do our best to meet your deadline. And, if it's not possible, we'll notify you via the email or phone contact that you provided during the order checkout.
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  • Will you send me tracking information once you ship my canvas?
    Of course.
    You will receive email notifications as your order status changes. Ship tracking information will be emailed to the contact information that you provided during the checkout process.
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  • Which shipping carrier do you use?
    At the moment we only work with FedEx and UPS. But we may also choose other carriers if we believe it'll enhance your shopping experience.
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  • What file types do you accept?
    We accept the following file types:

    .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tif, .tiff, .wbmp, .webp, .psd, .eps, .ai, .svg, .cr2, .raw, .nef , .webp, .gif
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  • I have an image file type that's not supported by your website. What do I do?
    In addition to the file types that our upload tool accepts, you can also import .raw files from your Dropbox account.
    If you have a file type that you cannot upload using our website, please try to convert it first to a .jpg format. If that's not an option, please contact us for further instructions.
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  • What is the maximum file size I can upload?
    The maximum file size limit for our online upload tool is 100mb.

    If you have files that are larger than the maximum upload size, please upload a cropped / smaller version of the image and use the "Note Box" in the order form to supply the download link of the print file (e.g. a dropbox link)
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  • How do I use the WebSelect tool to import image files?
    Our WebSelct tool is an awsome combination of upload and import features in an intuitive and folder structured design.
    1. Select the import source (Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Dropbox etc.)
    2. If you've not already connected to an import source, simply click the "Connect to ..." or "Load ..." button shown in the middle.
    3. In some cases, if you're experiencing errors, you may wish to re-connect to a source. You can also re-load your file content. Simply select the appropriate action by clicking the gear icon on the upper-right corner of the importer.
    4. Use the navigation map on the upper-left corner to easly traverse your folders or albums.
    5. Use the view options on the upper-right corner to change between, list, thumb, and big thumbnail views.
    6. When you've found your desired image, simply click on it to select.
    7. Sometimes, if an image is too small for a certain sized prints, the image will not be selectable and you'll see "Image quality is too low" message covering the file.

    See the screenshot below for reference.
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  • Can I mail you a photo or a negative for you to scan?
    Unfortunately No. We currently do not accept photos, originals or negatives to be scanned for printing.
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  • What if my image is pixelated. Can I still order prints?
    For very low quality images, we have digital effects that can reduce the pixellation on your image.
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  • What is the recommended image size for best print?
    We recommend that you do not artificially alter the size or the DPI of your images using programs such as PhotoShop. If you're submitting a photo, it's best to submit the original that you extracted from your camera. Converting them to high quality .JPEG first can also redice the file size, without significant loss to the quality. This will allow for faster uploads. 
    As a general rule of thumb, ~2mb JPEG files are good enough for any size print.
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  • How much of my image will I lose if I choose the gallery wrap option?
    This depends on the frame thickness that you choose with the gallery wrap option.

    0.75" thick ~ 1" from each side
    1.5" thick / Floating Framed ~ 2" from each side
    2.5" thick ~ 3" from each side

    However, when we see that there are important details being lost to the side, we'll automatically use mirror effect on the sides to keep as much of the main photo on the front as possible. Mirror effect is a technique when we mirror the edges of your image and add them to the sides. This allows a seamless transition from the front to the sides. We'll do this at no extra cost.
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  • Will there be a color shift when printing digital images on canvas?
    Such variation can occur if your monitor is not calibrated correctly. In this case, you may see difference between the final print and what you see on your screen. Please use Adobe RGB 1998 icc profile to calibrate your screen.
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  • Can you crop my image?
    We sure can. Please feel free to specify your requirements in the "Instructions & Comments" section.
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  • What are the image guidelines for a 0.75” gallery wrap canvas?
    Your image should have 1" extra space on each side. So for an 11"x14" print, you should have an image that's at least 13"x16".
    If the image does not have extra space on the sides, we'll mirror the edges in order to compensate for the canvas wrap.
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  • What are the image guidelines for a 1.5” gallery wrap canvas?
    Your image should have 2" extra space on each side. So for an 11"x14" print, you should have an image that's at least 15"x18".
    If the image does not have extra space on the sides, we'll mirror the edges in order to compensate for the canvas wrap.
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  • What are the image guidelines for a 2.5” gallery wrap canvas?
    Your image should have 3" extra space on each side. So for an 11"x14" print, you should have an image that's at least 17"x20".
    If the image does not have extra space on the sides, we'll mirror the edges in order to compensate for the canvas wrap.
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  • How do I hang my canvas?
    To make this easy for you, we include hanging hardware with each canvas we send. All you need is a nail on the wall to hang your canvas.
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  • Where can I hang my canvas prints?
    Our canvas prints should be hanged indoors, in a shaded part of a room. Do not hang them in places where they'll be exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures or humidity.
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  • What conditions should I NOT expose my canvas prints to?
    You should not expose canvas prints to direct sunlight because UV rays can greatly reduce the lifespan of your prints by dimming the colors over time. You should not expose your prints to extreme weather conditions or places where they may be damaged. You should also avoid hanging canvas prints near fireplaces and other areas where they'll be exposed to heat or humidity.
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  • How do I clean or maintain my prints?
    For Canvas Prints:
    Use a soft duster or a dump cloth to gently remove any dust particles from your canvas. Although the coatings on the canvas have scratch resistance to them, you should avoid cleaning your canvas too often, because repeated contact can damage the prints.

    For Metal Prints:
    Use a microfiber cloth. Please make sure that the cloth is clean and does not have any hard particles on it. Do not use paper towel or other hard fabrics, as they can scratch the coating. If there are stains that are hard to remove, you can use windex, or mild soap water to clean.
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  • There's something wrong with my order. What do I do?
    If there are defects on the canvas or if it was damaged during shipping, we'll gladly send you a reprint at no extra cost. If this is the case, please send an email to [help at] with your order number and photographic proof of the damage.
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  • I'm not happy with my order. How do I return it?
    First, let us re-print your order for you. If that's not good enough, we'll gladly refund your order in full if you're not satisfied with your prints. Please submit a request for a return or refund here.
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  • How soon will I see the refund on my credit card after canceling an order?
    It can take up to 10 business days to process the refund and it should reflect on your next credit card statement.
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